Here is a some of our females

  A1savannahs Emily of Hybrideal (F1)  

One of the stars of Hybrideal, supreme quality cat, Emily is a marvellous F1 of exceptional type. Her well-defined coat looks like her father the Serval. Her strong ocelli, her elegance and her very long legs are among her qualities. Her behaviour is remarkable, she is very sociable, always eager to play or to be stroken.

A1savannahs Princess Gabrielle of Hybrideal (F1)

Princess Gabrielle is by far our biggest Savannah, 17-inches tall, she weighs about 30 pounds. She is one of the famous line (Azertay-Tango-Jazz) and Azertay’s sister. The kittens from this line are among the Savannah’s models, one of whom is Déo, the most admired F2 male of his breed. That is why we are proud to have Princess Gabrielle among our big family. You can see her latest litter in the kitten's page.


  A1 savannahs Gardenia of Hybrideal (F2B)  

Gardenia has a nice color and spotted from head to toe.


Bugsy ( F2B)


new at the cattery


Hybrideal Dana ( F3)

Dana is one of our youngest female of one year old, who just give birth. She's producing SBT F4, wich is rare in the world of Savannah breeders. Playful, she like to climb on our back without warning us.


Kitty ( F3)


new at the cattery

Hybrideal Orphée (F4 SBT) 

New breeder at the cattery, Orphée is nice and slender, looking forward for her offsping



Hybrideal Minh ( F4 SBT)

Look at her growing up as a young breeder, from May 2016


A1savannahs AZ–Legacy of Hybrideal (F3)

You probably know Bijou, a world known in cat show, Savannah section; you should remember her sister, AZ-Legacy. She's producing SBT F4, which is rare in the world of Savannah breeders. 

The two daughters of Az-Legacy ensure the relieving. 
They are now the new breeders of the cattery.


Hybrideal Athéna ( F4 SBT)


Athena is our new breeder, she is Az-Legacy's daughter in the line of Bijou. Follow her descendants.

Hybrideal Shannon ( F5 SBT)

Shannon is Caelia's daughter and her grand-mother is Az-Legacy. She have all the characteristics of a nice breeder.



Hybrideal Nam (SBT)

Nam is Shannon's daughter and she just give birth of 5 nice babys for her first litter.

A1 savannahs Nakima of hybrideal (F4B)

Nakima is a Silver female who produces F5C

A1 savannahs Eclipse of hybrideal 

Eclipse is the sister of Nakima, who also produces F5C


Hybrideal Lylo F5C 

Lylo est la dernière fille d'Éclipse et prends la relève à la chatterie.



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