We have the biggest gene pool of savannah cat of Canada.

29 /04 / 2019

From the day I was born, I have always had the dream of opening my own cattery, 
where cats would be kings. Now my dream is becoming reality.

I have chosen the Savannah, which is in my opinion a breed that improves on acquaintance. 
The possibility of having a cat that looks like a tiny serval at home thrilled me. 

I flew to Oklahoma to visit A1savannahs, the founder of the savannah cat breed. 
As soon as I arrived, it was love at first sight. This cat is so beautiful that it took my breath away. 
With the judicious advices of Martin and Kathrin Stucki, who I would like to thank for everything. 
I have chosen all my cats at A1savannahs according to the lines that I wanted to develop.

I hope that I will manage to share my passion for these felines with you. 
My goal is to offer you kittens in good health, affectionate, with characteristics close 
to their ancestor, the African serval.

All our cats are registered TICA and CCA-AFC.

I thank all my cats, who adopted us and let us live with them.

Have a nice visit!

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Savannah Hybrideal

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