Here is a some of our males

Hybrideal Titan (Serval male)

6 months, 23 pounds

A1Savannahs El Salvador of Hybrideal (F5)

A1savannahs Liberty of Hybrideal (F5)

Liberty is our most experimented male. His gold coat and his temperament are much sought after and that is why we adopted him. Many of his kittens are world-famous ones. His grand-daughter Bijou is without a doubt the most renowned.

A1savannahs Andros of Hybrideal (F5)

Andros, aka the Magnificent, is an excellent sire. His triangular head, his perfect profile, his well-defined coat and his affectionate temper are great qualities that he pass on too his kittens. He always wants to be stroken.

A1savannahs Morphée of Hybrideal (F5)

Morphée, with his beautiful color and long legs, 
will produce kittens.



A1 savannahs Thunder of hybrideal (SBT)

Thunder is very affectionated and has a nice golden coat which he passes on to his kittens.


A1savannahs Graffiti of Hybrideal (SBT)

One of our big boys, all muscles!!



  Hybrideal Liberty jr (SBT) 

Our young breeder out of Hybrideal Shannon


Hybrideal Centurion (F3C)

lives with us, maybe you might have seen him in a cat show!



Hybrideal Cowboy ( F2C )

Cowboy live with us since he's born




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