The Serval is an African wild cat.

The length is about 85 cm, plus 35 cm of tail. Weight can range from 20 to 40 lbs. 
It is a slender animal, with long legs and a fairly short tail. The tall, oval ears are set close together. 
The pattern of the fur is variable. Usually, the Serval is boldly spotted black on tawny. 
The "servaline" form has much smaller, freckled spots. In addition, melanism is 
known to exist in this species, giving a similar appearance to the Black Panther. 
Its ears and long neck allows it to look over the savanna’s tall grass.

The Serval is carnivorous. After locating its prey, generally at dusk, 
the Serval pounces on it skillfully. It can jump 4 metres before hitting its victim with its forefeet. 
Its diet includes hares, hyraxes, birds, reptiles, insects, fish and frogs.

The Serval has been bred with the domestic cat to create 
a hybrid breed of domestic cat called the Savannah.


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