Sol's parents are proud of their male Sol,
 a F4 SBT, now at 9 months old


Ulisse win a certificat on the cat-show August 2014.



Thank you Julie for having done of Aurelina an extraordinary cat, she is funny, lovely and she know how to fufill our 4 lifes. I will always be thankfull to see those little kittens born and grow up and after to be entrust to us. Aurelina is a part of our family. Thanks! Xxx    Johanne Touchette...


Lancelot (male SBT)

Sophia (female F3C)

We are extremely grateful to you for letting us discover this amazing breed who charms us everyday and changed our whole lives. Just like you, we now share the passion of these original and affectionate cats. We thank you again for your time and your availability at all times when we need your help . Bobby and Judy

Culbute (F2)

Culbute has now also decided she likes to look at 
the world from the caribou mount!

Mia (F3C)

Thank you Hybrideal for allowing me to choose this beautiful cat. 
She fills us with happiness every day, she is our little ray of sunshine. 

Gucci (F4 SBT)

Gucci is a good cat, lovable, 
playful and so endearing!


Misty (SBT)

She is the most playful; she loves to climb trees and remove any insects that fly; you can see her sometimes running like crazy across the yard; she is a happy cat.


Jasmine (SBT)

Jasmine is ready for the halloween's treats!!!!


Anuk (SBT)

Anuk is our little cat follower...
 she brings us love, affection and full of life in our home...


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